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Ave £13 p/hr

"I love Golfs, they're such good reliable cars and so easy to drive" - a friend's reaction when I said I'd bought a Golf and I think it's a great summary of the car. It manages to be compact on the outside, comfortable inside, and fun to drive. The car is well equipped too, with air-conditioning, heated seats and parking sensors.

The car is exempt from the ULEZ charge but you will need to pay the congestion charge and Dart Charge if you use the Dartford crossing. 

The cherry on the cake is it's a plug-in hybrid, which means it can run on electric-only for emissions-free driving around town, with a petrol engine for longer journeys or more power. It's all done seamlessly - switching between electric and petrol or both as required. If you're nervous about not knowing how to drive a plug-in hybrid, don't be. Apart from no noise on startup it works exactly the same as a regular car. Fill up with petrol in the normal way. Don't worry about charging the battery - I will take care of this, but don't guarantee how much charge there will be. If you want to know how to do this, perhaps you want to try out a plug-in hybrid before buying your own, then let me know.

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