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Ave £16 p/hr

Environmentally-friendly no longer means uncool humdrum cars - this is a sporty BMW which is Congestion charge and ULEZ charge exempt!

This BMW has an electric-only range of about 25 miles - enough to do a shopping run to Tesco (other superstores are available) or a trip up to London and back. On longer journeys it will use electric where possible and the engine will fire up as necessarily. It's all done seamlessly - the only way you will know it's switching is by looking at the rev counter.

On top of that you get the usual BMW refinements: a well-made interior, strong performance and handling when you put your foot down (keep safe please!) and what is considered to be the best infotainment (sound system, sat nav etc) systems in the industry.

If you're nervous about not knowing how to drive a plug-in hybrid, don't be. Apart from no noise on startup it works exactly the same as a regular car. Fill up with petrol in the normal way. Don't worry about charging the battery - I will take care of this, but don't guarantee how much charge there will be. If you want to know how to do this, perhaps you want to try out a plug-in hybrid before buying your own, then let me know.

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