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Sustainable motoring made enjoyable


Motoring will never be as environmentally friendly as walking or cycling, but there are times when it is the better way to travel, especially for enthusiasts like us!

Like it or not, motoring is going to change radically this decade. Unless a working alternative is found, we are going to have to go electric at some point. However, this is not necessarily the disaster many fear, as we are now getting electric and hybrid cars that are fun and sporty as well as environmentally friendly (well, compared to the internal combustion engine). And contrary to what you might see in the media, EVs don't catch fire every 5 miles or run out of charge in traffic jams!  See our Mythbuster page for more on this.

This is where we come in - if you are a bit confused about the types of EV available or how to charge, or whether you should even go for a hybrid or fully-electric car at this stage, then we can give you free, impartial advice.

If you are someone who only occasionally needs a car, rather than buying one check out our community car share joint venture. The Eco-Enabler Alliance and Dukeflow are partnering together on the basis we consider the future for sustainable travel to be based on:

  • known, planned journeys by trusted travellers,

  • using low to zero carbon emission means to get there,

  • shared with friends and neighbours.

We therefore aim to be the Ultimate Traveller's Friend through the solutions we come up with and provide through a new form of travel business, geared to enabling awareness and interest in Sustainability to be tested and tried.

Our preferred places to go to will be ones where every man, woman and their dog can get together to enjoy stories of travelling and having fun as a community - or just simply "being there"


We'd love to help you plan your next car.

Let us know your requirements, driving habits and budgets and we will give tailored advice as to which car will best suit your needs.

This is completely free and impartial - we take a pragmatic approach and accept that not everyone will be suited to a fully electric or hybrid car right now

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Charging an Electric Car
2023-12-22 16.06.10.jpg


We will help you through several factors you need to consider


Charging infrastructure is improving rapidly but not yet as convenient as petrol. You need to consider whether you are up for planning long journeys in advance with backup plans in case the charger you want is busy or out of order when you get there


If you need one car that does everything then perhaps a mild hybrid or plug-in hybrid will be more suitable than fully electric. If you have two cars then you could have a small electric car for short journeys and a hybrid (or even diesel) for long journeys


If you are not able to charge from home then a plug-in hybrid is probably not for you as the electric-only range is so short. A fully electric car might be feasible but if you are reliant solely on public charging then it is more expensive


The most suitable car type for your needs will vary depending on whether you do mostly short trips to work and to the shops with only occasional long journeys or if you drive 300 miles every day

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